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by Cgiles
1 days ago

Alt click on a node connection automatically disconnect it from the other nodes. And there is some nodes which can be easily summoned by pressing a key and clicking at the same time. Like B+click will place a branch, and S+click a sequence.

by manictaylorj@gmail.com
2 days ago

If you're willing to compile it, Aseprite is a great option as well.

by tharlevfx
2 days ago

check my website for the latest tips - always updating with new content!

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R3DS::Wrap is a topology transfer tool. It allows to wrap existing topology around a 3D-scan or other highpoly model. It also includes pre-alignment, sculpting and texture baking features. As Wrap preserves vertex order and texture coordinates of original basemesh it can be used for creating morph targets of different facial expressions based on scans
  • WrapX-80.lv
  • WrapX-80.lv
  • WrapX-80.lv


Subset tool allows to work with any portion of the scan separatly. It makes possible to do fullbody wrapping step by step. Step-by-step approach is much faster and controllable than doing wrapping of entire basemesh at once.

The process is fairly straight forward:

  • Click Subset(Select) tool and select any portion of Template mesh. Use predifined polygroups in your OBJ file if needed.
  • Click Done button to confirm selection.Everything except selected polygons will dissapear.
  • Click Subset(Apply) to bring all the changes made to the subset back to original model.
  • Use Brush Tool to fix seams if there are some.

Brush tool gives a set of useful sculpting brushes to enhance final model. Brush tool support history (Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Shift + Z). Resize brush using left mouse button and Ctrl key. The list of brushes includes:


Dissembling meshes in WrapX © Russian3DScanner, 2015

  • Relax brush
  • Screenshots04_Small
  • Move brush
  • Projection brush
  • Push away brush
  • Screenshots05_Small

Texture transfer tool transfers texture from scan to basemesh. New color extrapolation option was added since version 2.2.4


Meshes in WrapX © Russian3DScanner, 2015

 New transparent shader for wrapped model preview

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James Busby from Ten24 shared a time-lapse video, explaining how straightforward it is to combine and use multiple scans from different sessions.

6 September, 2017

A very quick and effective way to work with scan data in Wrap3 from James Busby.

21 November, 2016

CGWORLD Japan has published a nice long interview with the creators of Kingsglave animation film. They discuss the creation of characters, environments, and props.

1 October, 2016