Alperen ÖZGÜR: Unreal Engine 4 Cinematic Test
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by Netraraj Pun
3 hours ago

Awesome. Really great tips for beginners like me to start working correctly.

Very interesting article, thanks for sharing!

astounding work there - hope someone important notices! I'm just jrpg fan. . . somebody needs to hire you!

Alperen ÖZGÜR: Unreal Engine 4 Cinematic Test
10 October, 2016

Alperen ÖZGÜR has released a video of a small project created in Unreal Engine 4.

He created a small room with grey walls. The only thing alive in it was a big tree growing on a small patch of land. There were also small traditional Asian lanterns scattered across the place. The scene also featured some water on the tiles and bright indoor lighting.



Alperen ÖZGÜR is a freelance 3D artist who lives in Ankara, Turkey.

© Alperen ÖZGÜR, 2016 YouTube Link

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