Amazon Game Studios Tour
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Birmingham GB   20, Sep — 24, Sep
Chiba JP   20, Sep — 24, Sep
Ohio US   21, Sep — 24, Sep
Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
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Amazon Game Studios Tour
12 October, 2016

Amazon Game Studios employees gave a small tour of the company. During it they’ve described the studio’s vision and talked about several video game projects.

According to Amazon developers, their main goal is to create a massive shared experience. First thing employees think about is the community of the game. Devs were interested in building a game with Twitch, Lumberyard engine and cloud integration. Amazon Game Studios is going straight for the Twitch costumers. The team is inspired by the way they play and share. Through experimentation the team has come up with several game ideas.



One of the games Amazon Game Studios has come up is Crucible. It is a last-one-standing third-person shooter in which 12 hunters venture into a hostile world. Like in many team-based games, players have to work together. The difference is that they can form alliances on the fly. Crucible has a 13th player that can broadcast and influence the game. Viewers can also interact with the game master.

New World is a huge open sandbox game. It is set on the studios’ version of 17th century colonial America where the supernatural elements exist. In the New World’s setting everything people believed in and hoped wasn’t true became a reality. Players will be able to build farms, villages and forts. Gamers will be able to play the game any way they want.

Amazon devs have also introduced Breakway – a fast-paced mythological brawler with legendary and mythological heroes who face each other in fast-paced combat. Gamers will fight each other in such locations as Valhalla, Eldorado, Stix and Atlantis.

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