Andrew Price – Understanding Color Tutorial
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I found your blog to be very informative. I am very happy to read your blog it's very useful to me.

by Tomasz Wikliński
6 hours ago

Great stuff. And many thanks for those tuts by Jason! They helped me a lot.

Those animations look amazing!! Great job!

Andrew Price – Understanding Color Tutorial
15 September, 2016

Andrew Price of Blender Guru made a tutorial on the importance of color. In his video lesson, he explained why color is important, the power of saturation and value as well as the use of correct color harmonies.

He stated that when used correctly, color can change the mood of an image or influence a story. Well-used color can draw the attention of viewers to focal elements. In an example he demonstrated, the digital colors were utilized to focus attention on the tube. In another case, a proper color was utilized to emphasize the playful and light mood of the work.



Price next talked about the importance of value and saturation. Value relates to the level of brightness and darkness, while saturation is about color intensity. He used the red color to prove his point. At maximum saturation the color is too intense, but at 20% saturation, it turns fleshy pink. If the value is set at 20%, red becomes dark muddy brown. This can make or break an image. For example, a lot of CG renders suffer from oversaturation. If an artist uses strong colors, the eyes have nowhere to rest.


Finally, Adrew described some of the most popular color harmonies. Those are Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic, Complimentary, Split Complimentary and Double Complimentary.



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