Creating Beautiful Terrain in Unity
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Creating Beautiful Terrain in Unity
30 September, 2016

Lithuanian game developer Rūkas Skirkevičius has released a three-part tutorial on his YouTube channel WatchFindDo Media. In the series he demonstrated how to create beautiful terrain with Unity game engine.

In the first video Skirkevičius created a simple project, added several textures to make realistically looking earth. He also used the editing tool to create several high grounds on the map. Grass and trees were added to make the environment look more realistic. The tree models were edited to make them look taller or shorter. There were also some dead trees added to the project.

The second video showed how to add lighting to an environment at a specific angle. Furthermore, Skirkevičius added a bloom effect and motion blur to his main camera. He then proceeded to apply more details to the project. Skirkevičius made different ground levels and covered them in vegetation. He placed a small island with a big mountain in the middle of a lake.

The third part of the tutorial started with him adding details to the mountain. He created some little peaks and made the mountain a little less flat my bending its shape in several places. Besides that Skirkevičius tweaked the earth texture a bit and scattered little islands all over the water surface.

Skirkevičius used the Medival Environment Pack for the tutorial. It is available on the Unity Asset Store for $70. It contains 70 prefabs for modular buildings, 180 addons including stalls, barrels, carts and fences. The buyer will also get 25 rocks with a new overlay shader, 5 demo scenes, particles, ground textures and 11 coniferous trees. Compatible with Unity 4.5.3 or higher.

Rūkas Skirkevičius works as a 3D artist. He started the YouTube channel to upload tutorials on working with different pieces of software. He preffers to work with Autodesk 3ds Max.

© WatchFindDo Media, 2016 YouTube Link

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