CryEngine: World Machine DEM Data Import
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Curious as to bipedal proportions, especially, as there seems to be good stylized, even with larger than life heads, eyes, yet they look "good". Is there a chart like there is for proper anatomy for drawing? It'd be great to see a comparison even though I realize there are many forms of stylized. I think that'd make a great article.

by QmisMan
2 hours ago

it's awesome

Your link to the Substance file on polycount is broken, the correct link is:

CryEngine: World Machine DEM Data Import
22 April, 2015

CryEngine: World Machine DEM Data Import

This tutorial describes the steps required to gather DEM data from real world topology and import it into World Machine to export with a coastal overlay macro. Then it tells how to import the assets into CryEngine and how to apply the bitmap image overlay.

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