Escape from Tarkov Trailer (Pre-Alpha)
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Thanks for sharing, the lighting on the wheels and coins is beautiful, very painterly.

by Catalyst
5 hours ago

The site is in Japanese, but the program was in English for me.

by wilfred van den berg
8 hours ago

that new c&c mobile game is a slab in the face.... fuck ea

Escape from Tarkov Trailer (Pre-Alpha)
26 November, 2015

Escape from Tarkov Trailer (Pre-Alpha)

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Tarkov – a modern Russian the city sunk into anarchy. In this mix of of FPS/TPS and RPG genres users will battle each other in the ruins of the city on the side of various international factions. The developers promise full gameplay immersion and sense of reality. Escape from Tarkov is currently preparing for a closed beta.

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