Far Cry Primal: Language and Character Building
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I lost a year's work when Microsoft deleted my documents folder on their October update I wish this guy luck Adobe are more interested in forcing professionals to use their cloud than improving their products these days.

Balance changes please!

by Juan Milanese
6 hours ago

Another incredibly useful breakdown, thanks Simon!

Far Cry Primal: Language and Character Building
22 January, 2016

Far Cry Primal: Language and Character Building

Developers of the Far Cry Primal video game from Ubisoft Montreal talk about their work on the video game. They discuss the main character of the project who will try and reunite members of his tribe scattered around the world. Along his journey he will meet experts who will teach him new skills and knowledge.

As the game is set in the Stone Age, its creators wanted to create a language authentic to that time. As a result the game will have at least a couple of variations of Proto-Indo-European language. The process proved to be very challenging as some words didn’t exist in these ancient times.

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