Gamescom 2016: Vampyr Gameplay Demo
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
London GB   29, May — 1, Jun
Birmingham GB   1, Jun — 4, Jun
Taipei TW   5, Jun — 10, Jun
Los Angeles US   12, Jun — 15, Jun
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Gamescom 2016: Vampyr Gameplay Demo
26 August, 2016

Gamescom 2016 attendees were treated to a demo of Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming action RPG Vampyr. It showed the protagonist Jonathan Reid struggling with his vampirism as he meets a fellow undead in a city plagued by Spanish flu. He also encounters groups of vampire hunters who try to kill him. Luckily, the protagonist can dodge their attacks with ease as well as use his supernatural abilities and weapons to take them down. Vampyr will release in 2017 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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