GDC 2016: Level Design in Impossible Geometry
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
San Francisco US   19, Mar — 24, Mar
San Francisco US   19, Mar — 21, Mar
Anaheim US   23, Mar — 26, Mar
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OMG! this is awesome!

by Poussasin
2 days ago

Thank you so much, now I am confident to say that I know how to bake.

by Poussasin
2 days ago

Very nice, thx for sharing!

GDC 2016: Level Design in Impossible Geometry
20 September, 2016

During the GDC 2016 independent developer William Chyr gave a talk on the challenge of designing levels with impossible geometry. Chyr will be utilizing it for level design in his video game Manifold Garden.

He was really interested in the concept after watching the 2010 “Inception” movie. In particularly, he wanted to know how physics would work in a dream scene where Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Ellen Page’s characters walked around Paris that was folded in two. He wanted to know how the physics would work on different gravity fields.

In his talk William talked about game design, visual arts, programming, audio, production, business management and online games.

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