GDC 2016 San Francisco: Crytek’s Showcase
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Milwaukee US   17, Jun — 22, Jun
New York US   17, Jun — 20, Jun
St. Petersburg RU   19, Jun — 21, Jun
TBA BR   22, Jun — 24, Jun
Amsterdam NL   25, Jun — 28, Jun
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14 min ago


This is a fan project, like the Lord Inquisitor was. GW has absolutely nothing to do with it!

by Capulong, Rowel
3 hours ago

Very Very Cool Indeed Indeed

GDC 2016 San Francisco: Crytek's Showcase
25 March, 2016

GDC 2016 San Francisco: Crytek's Showcase

A show case of Crytek’s software and projects demonstrated during the GDC 2016 San Francisco event. Visitors could get their hands on VR Score and The Climb demos, 5 hottest independent video games in development on CRYENGINE and look at the engines’ capabilities.

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