How To Play Paragon
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by Wouter Lievens
27 min ago

Looks absolutely gorgeous!

by Andrea
36 min ago

Very interesting post, thanks for sharing! Next step would be to procedurally create the indoors! I understand your point about a semi-procedural approach. I often fall into the go-full-procedural vortex and can't get things done. :D Anyway, one question I don't quite get why "fill the interior" on the vdb node has to be checked?

it is really frustrating that half the article was posted and i cannot view the end of this article, every possible link on the page refers to the same url and that url is password protected. creation of a gametextures account will not get you access to the end of this page so don't hand them paypal info like I did just go blunder off through a youtube tutorial rather than this good-old-boy referral page

How To Play Paragon
13 February, 2016

How To Play Paragon

This video teaches the basics of playing the Paragon MOBA. Like in many projeta of the genre, Paragon has gamers destroying enemy towers with waves of creeps and different heroes. The goal is to destroy the central bulding of the enemy base called the Core.

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