How to Use Substance Plugin in Unreal Engine 4
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How to Use Substance Plugin in Unreal Engine 4
26 September, 2016

One of the Allegorithmic has shown how to use a Substance plugin in Unreal Engine 4. He used the 4.13 version of the game engine.

Allegorithmic’s employee used the plugin to import a substance file into the game engine. He was presented with the Substance import options dialogue window. Here users can change the name of a material they want to generate. After importing users are presented with a set of assets in the content browser. In the video they included textures used in the substance material. The author opened an Unreal material in the material editor.




He used the Substance plugin to add substance maps to the Unreal material. The employee then applied the material to a square object, add lighting and edited it with Substance textures.

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