Niles Prayer – Foundation: Titles Sequence
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Niles Prayer – Foundation: Titles Sequence
12 October, 2016

French art director Niles Prayer has shared his latest work, Foundation: Titles Sequence, with the YouTube community.

He created a fan made opening credits sequence for a fictional movie called Foundation. The film is inspired by the book series of Isaac Asimov. With this project Prayer wanted to pay homage to Asimov’s books and stories. According to Niles, they deeply influenced his artistic background. The sequence meant to represent the ideas of fate, time, wealth, religion, population control and space exploration.



Niles Prayer is a 25 years old French director, art director and motion designer. His work is heavily inspired by Humanists and Nature themes. Niles wants to create heavily detailed images that deliver both a message and a visual impact. Niles Prayer is also a multi-instruments musician. Prayer pays a lot of attention to music and sound of projects he works on. Foundation: Titles Sequence was no exception as he composed a score for it.

The final 3D statue was modeled by 3D character artist Ladislas Gueros from Paris, France. He specializes in 3D modeling and is an efficient user of Autodesk Maya and ZBrush.

The credits were made using Houdini, Mantra and Adobe After Effects.
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