Paragon – Lt. Belica Announcement Trailer
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Well, small/medium intuos pro is way cheaper that iPad Pro + pencil... just saying... And it works better with ZBrush...

by some guy
12 hours ago

It might ultimately be proof of concept now, but the point of showing a low-count bounce raytracing that still looks decent especially after denoising gives us a nice roadmap on the future. Maybe given time, we will move to this as the new standard or at least a probable alternate to baked lighting.

by Nathan Ayotte
12 hours ago

Fuck you I'm stuck in some bullshit game some dickhead thought would be exciting.

Paragon – Lt. Belica Announcement Trailer
8 September, 2016

Epic Games has announced a brand new hero for Paragon MOBA. Her name is Lt. Belica and she is a Burst Caster. Belica is armed with a gun and has the ability to burst damage enemies. She can also summon a drone that attacks enemy heroes who try to cast spells and drains mana in the target area. Lt. Belica will be available starting September 13.

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