Source Gameplay Trailer (Unreal Engine 4)
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
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Vilnius LT   3, May — 5, May
Los Angeles US   10, May — 11, May
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by Olivia
7 hours ago

Awesome! I had been working on a similar project couldn't figure out the snow on the trees for the life of me! It's great to see how you approached it. The work look great! Thanks for sharing your process.

17 hours ago

That's awesome.

by sanek94cool
1 days ago

I believe author would be surprised that it's not american, but soviet bunker :)

Source Gameplay Trailer (Unreal Engine 4)
12 May, 2015

Source: Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay

This is a trailer for the Source video game created by Fenix Fire studio. It is going to release this year for PS4 und Xbox One. For more information on Source follow this link:

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