Unreal Engine 4 – Procedural Mesh Slicing
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by jenny
5 hours ago

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by Jeff
7 hours ago

I just based my landscape material on this. I just wish I could exactly figure out what is going on with normals, ao and displacement here.

by Christopher Buller
9 hours ago

That was extremely helpful! Thank you!

Unreal Engine 4 – Procedural Mesh Slicing
19 September, 2016

Epic Games’ senior training content creator Ian Shadden and community manager Alexander Paschall did a stream on procedural mesh slicing in Unreal Engine 4. It is a new feature available in the 4.13 release of the game engine.

They have demonstrated how to use procedural mesh slicing to create many gameplay mechanics.  Paschall  and Shadden have created a raw mesh, made a copy of it and spliced it up. To do this, the devs recommended turning off the “Use Complex as Simple Collision” in the “Details” section. Ian and Alexander used a simple environment to show how mesh slicing works.

In this tutorial Shadden and Paschall came across some problems during their work which they have how to troubleshoot.

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