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3D Scan Use Cases That Could Blow Your Mind

The following cases displayed all utilized the KIRI Engine.

Collect a Sketchfab of 3D Assets and Maybe Make Some Money

Mrfunnysheep is an avid user of KIRI Engine from Germany, and his 3D scanning journey began in 2020 after being inspired by a YouTube video about digitizing a ghost town. The idea of taking pictures and getting a 3D model fascinated him and he dipped his toes in this realm with 3D scan apps, and soon he became a regular user of KIRI Engine. Skeptical about a free-to-use 3D scan app, Mrfunnysheep was quickly convinced by its precision and practicality as his projects generated. More importantly, he found the KIRI Engine Discord server and immediately felt at home in this community. 

Mrfunnysheep has an eye for things that can be scanned, and combined with his background in photography, he found this eye-capturing decoration standing around in his yard and decided to digitize it. As for how he wants to utilize this particular scan, Mrfunnysheep states that he aims to create 3D models for everyone, and he has created a Sketchfab page with mostly free models for anyone to download.

Mrfunnysheep found the KIRI Engine through his search in the App Store, and he was immediately intrigued by its business model offering free scanning and exporting. He quickly incorporated KIRI Engine into his workflow, and along with other scanning software, he. Lastly, he hopes to create more interesting scans in the future and make useful videos on gaming and 3D scanning in the future.

Turn Broken Parts to Styled Gaming Assets

Lis Megalodon (Pantalis) is an Indie Game Developer from Greece. He is a photogrammetry enthusiast who likes to take advantage of every opportunity to scan objects with his camera, drone, or smartphone. This showcase features his scan of the Justice Titan statue, which comes in two parts since his cat knocked the object over into two pieces. Both of these scans turned out to be great, and he intends to use them in the development of 8push as collectibles.

Pantalis found the KIRI Engine through his search on the App Store and did some research on the 3D scan app. The details from the scanned models quickly drew him in, and he started his first scan immediately after downloading the application.

Pantalis believes that with the ongoing growth of the 3D scanning industry, he sees a demand for powerful and simple ways to use 3D scan apps such as KIRI Engine and cannot be more excited to witness the growth of this industry and technology.

Put Your Favorite War Game Piece to the Tabletop Sim

Sam, a UK-based Warhammer 40k enthusiast known as Moonkeymod online, found joy in a game called Kill Team during the COVID-19 lockdown. With the lockdown limiting in-person interactions, he became involved in online communities where games were played on Tabletop Simulator.

He started using Blender to modify 3D assets for the game and was initially using desktop photogrammetry software for 3D scanning. However, upon discovering KIRI Engine through a YouTube video, he began using it due to its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly nature.

Sam not only used KIRI Engine himself but also introduced it to his Discord community, encouraging others to scan their collections. Despite reducing his day-to-day modding involvement, Sam plans to use his KIRI Pro subscription to scan models of his nearly complete 19 Kill Teams.

He underscores that his efforts have been voluntary, aimed at supporting the online Kill Team community, acknowledging Games Workshop's IP rights. His actions, alongside others, have allowed many people to enjoy the game in an online setting, showcasing the power of community and tools like KIRI.

Compile Your Own 3D Library at Your Disposal

Igor Witkowski, a seasoned 3D artist from Poland, has been crafting complex 3D scenes for several years. Utilizing a blend of 3D scans, assets, and traditional 3D modeling, he has curated a unique workflow to breathe life into his creations. His post works have been featured in a 80 Level article in the past.

Often, Igor turns to industrial objects like electricity boxes for his scans, employing them as ornamental details in his scenes. However, he occasionally enjoys scanning people, a process that allows him to focus more on lighting and other compositional elements without the burden of modeling them from scratch.

His main objective with 3D scanning is to assemble an extensive and diverse library of assets. This approach ensures a rich repository at his disposal, boosting efficiency in his projects.

The search for a robust and Android-friendly 3D scanning app led Igor to KIRI Engine, introduced through an Instagram advertisement. For two years now, he has been an avid user, appreciating the app's accessibility and its dynamic Discord community.

Igor appreciates the continuous updates and development of the KIRI Engine. Eager to see how it evolves further as a tool and a product, he extends his gratitude for an application that is available to almost everyone and the vibrant community it has fostered.

Host Virtual Exhibitions in the Metaverse

Jeremiah Krage, a dynamic artist with a background in performance and immersive installations, is making waves in the art world through his innovative use of KIRI Engine in his latest virtual exhibition, BALLAST. This multi-dimensional exhibition seamlessly merges physical art pieces, including ceramic sculptures and paintings, with their interactive digital counterparts.

Krage turned to the KIRI Engine to breathe digital life into his physical artworks. This tool was pivotal in transforming Krage's sculptures into comprehensive digital forms, allowing viewers to explore each piece in all its facets.

BALLAST invites audiences into a contemplative space where they can reflect on our increasingly digital existence and the fast pace of technological change. With the exhibition, Krage raises thought-provoking questions about our relationship with our physical bodies in the age of technology and how we navigate the whirlwind of technological advancements.

Anchored in the philosophy of finding balance amidst a turbulent technological landscape, BALLAST encapsulates Krage's belief in the enduring value of physical objects, even as we dive deeper into virtual spaces. Through his innovative work, Krage is not just creating art but sparking essential conversations about our place and purpose in an ever-evolving digital world.

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