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80 Level Ratings: Great YouTube Channels with Cinema 4D Tutorials

In this 80 Level Rating, we've collected 7 great YouTube channels that will help you bring your Cinema 4D projects to a whole other level.

For those who are looking for 3D modeling software that would provide photorealistic renders, high-quality simulations, motion graphics, and 3D animations, Cinema 4D might be a popular choice as the software obtains a user-friendly interface as well as can be smoothly integrated into Adobe workflow. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user of C4D, there's always something new to learn about the software. Today, we've gathered 7 great YouTube channels with tutorials that will help you bring your projects to a whole other level.


We'll start our list with the Greyscalegorilla YouTube channel. For over 13 years GSC has been teaching designers and artists and providing various tools, trainings, and tutorials. Moreover, you can find more than 100 Cinema 4D tutorials on its channel that will walk you through creating 3D motion design and 3D animation demonstrating different lighting and texturing techniques and tips, teaching how you can speed up your texturing process, showing what the most important settings for Cinema 4D soft body dynamics are, and many more. The tutorials are made by different authors, allowing you to experience different workflows and learn various tools and techniques.


If you're searching for tutorials for some more advanced projects, eyedesyn will be a great choice for you. The channel offers you in-depth step-by-step videos up to almost two hours long, so you will delve into the detailed process of creating various projects. The authors share different techniques behind modeling, texturing, and rigging a character. One of the greatest things is that the authors are not afraid to make mistakes, demonstrating them and showing how to correct them while teaching you through their own exploration and discovery.

Andrey Lebrov

Andrey Lebrov's YouTube channel offers really information-dense tutorials that are flawlessly edited. The author has 13 years of expertise in CG and VFX spheres, and you can find a lot of really useful information on Cinema 4D on his channel. In his videos, Lebrov unveils how to speed up your workflow in the software demonstrating Cinema 4D features that he uses the most and showing how to customise the interface to make it more convenient and productive. He also reveals some cool tips on the software related to timeline soundtrack, timeline link to OM, HUD controls, and many more.

Sean Dove

Sean Dove is a Melbourne-based artist and designer who is currently serving as the Creative Art Director at Chocolate Studios. On his YouTube channel, you'll be able to find various tutorials on dynamic twisting animation, dynamic spline logo reveals, fun and easy reflections, cartoon impact smoke, and many more – among a huge range of various tutorials, you will definitely find what you're looking for. If you want to find out how to make advanced splines in an easy way or how to mix 2D with 3D in Cinema 4D, you should definitely visit this channel.


Next up, we have Theo Kerr's channel where he teaches how to render realistic, stunning, and impactful projects using Cinema 4D. The channel is beginner-friendly and offers in-depth tutorials on how to utilize displacements and volumetric scattering, how to create abstract and stylized art using the software, and more. It's really great seeing his channel grow as Theo expands his Cinema 4D knowledge.

CG Shortcuts

The next channel that has various incredible videos on Cinema 4D is CG Shortcuts. The tutorials are recorded by CG Artist Dave Bergin who is ready to share his experience, tips, and tricks he learned during his decade-long career working for some pretty big clients in Europe, Australia, and the USA. Dave is ready to walk you through all the "boring technical stuff" so that you could focus on what really matters – the creative stuff. The channel offers over 50 tutorials on C4D's MoGraph and tells about lighting, rigging, texturing, modeling, and animation. The author regularly posts new videos to keep you updated all the time.

Fattu Tutorials

Finally, our last YouTube channel for today is Fattu Tutorials. The author of this channel, Mannu, is a graphic designer and 3D Artist who will guide you through Cinema 4D workflows teaching you motion graphics, epic landscapes, abstract art, text and logo animation, and lots of effects. The channel has several videos suitable for beginners as well as some more advanced stuff. The author offers over 600 videos on Cinema 4D, so you will definitely find what you are looking for.

These were our 7 picks for the great YouTube channels on Cinema 4D. Do you agree with our list? What channels would you have added here? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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