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80 Level Ratings: Great YouTube Channels with Redshift Tutorials

In today's 80 Level Rating, we've gathered 7 brilliant YouTube channels that will help you master Redshift and learn how to achieve photorealistic results using the software.

Recently, Maxon launched Redshift 3.5 – an update to its production renderer for 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Maya. Formerly GPU-only renderer, the new version's Redshift CPU and Redshift XPU now allow rendering on the CPU or on both CPU and GPU at the same time.

Another major addition to the software became the introduction of Redshift Standard Surface Material, a new uber-shader that allows approximating a wide variety of surface types and can simulate dynamic reflected light. If you want to learn more about all the new features in the update, check out this article.

Meanwhile, we've collected 7 brilliant YouTube channels that will help you master Redshift and learn how to achieve photorealistic results using the software.

Maxon Training Team

Traditionally, let's get started with the developers' channel as it's usually the best place to learn everything about any software: from updates and tutorials to webinars and profound workshops. This particular channel offers you a series of workshops introducing the software, covering its key features, and demonstrating a broad range of various techniques. In this massive four-part guide you'll learn everything from understanding node materials to creating lights and camera effects. The speakers will even show you several essential render settings which help you achieve the perfect finished look.


If you're only learning how to use Redshift inside of Cinema 4D, Theo Kerr's channel will be really useful in helping you get some insights and teaching you the basic techniques you need. Theo is a filmmaker and visual artist that specializes in videography, visual effects, CGI, and color grading. His channel is super beginner-friendly and the author provides a quick look at Redshift for C4D to make you get started with the renderer. Apart from that, you'll find tutorials on how to create renders in Cinema 4D using Redshift and videos that'll help you learn what renderer will better suit you.


Next up is the Greyscalegorilla channel where you can find various tutorials on Redshift: from an introduction to the render engine which will be suitable for beginners to teaching you more advanced tools and techniques. The authors will share quick tips for better and faster Redshift renders, teach you fast and easy ways to tweak bitmap materials in the renderer, demonstrate how they use Redshift's custom AOVs to save time in production, and reveal many more tips and tricks that will help you learn and grasp the software.

You And Me Academy

The next channel of today's Rating is You And Me Academy. The authors of the channel see their goal as helping everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans. There you can find nearly 40 tutorials on the render engine where you'll be able to learn some fundamentals as well as advanced techniques, see the breakdowns from award-winning designers, and find some tips on lighting and texturing.


Another great channel that'll help you master Redshift is MographPlus. There you can find tutorials on the render engine for both Cinema 4D and 3ds Max. It has a number of short but informative video lessons where you can learn how to create realistic renders, shaders, and lighting. Although the videos on the channel are just free samples from MographPlus's online courses "The Ultimate Introduction to Redshift For 3ds Max" and "The Ultimate Introduction to Redshift for Cinema 4D", you'll still be able to find the necessary information to get started with the software as the authors give you step-by-step instructions in a very clear way.

BlueFox Creation

Great tutorials for Redshift users can be also found on the BlueFox Creation YouTube channel. Among the videos there, you will find both in-depth tutorials and quick demonstrations of various tools and techniques. The authors offer multiple useful tips and tricks, sharing their skills with the audience. For instance, there you can learn how to create procedural camouflage or glittery gold material, how to make laser scan or animated GeoBoil effect, see how to create a terrain mask using AO, and how to view motion blur in Redshift without rendering.


Last but not least is Five31, the YouTube channel created by Liam Clisham who is a motion designer and general creative from the Baltimore region. On his channel, he covers a variety of topics including Redshift, C4D, and Houdini. Specifically, he offers you over 70 tutorials on Redshift, teaching you how to start using Redshift materials in Cinema 4D, showing you the way of creating more cinematic scenes, and hosting live streams with open Q&A.

These were our 7 picks for the great YouTube channels on Redshift tutorials. Do you agree with our list? What channels would you have added here? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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