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Armor Games Permanently Switch to a Four-Day Workweek

Armor Games adopted a four-day working week model after a three-month trial period as the company's employees have felt their productivity was the same or even better.

Armor Games, indie publisher and host for web games, announced that it is shortening working hours to 32 hours a week and switching to a four-day working week. The company’s CEO John Cooney declared that on Twitter on Tuesday.

Previously, the company reported that it had set a month-long trial period for this model which was later extended to three months due to "early positive results". Cooney said that Armor's survey showed "100% of employees felt their productivity was the same (or better) than a 5-day workweek," and 87.5% were "ready to implement the workweek permanently".

However, Cooney noted that the switch to this model hasn't been smooth: "The flow of a 32-hour week is different, and acclamation took time across the entire team. Establishing that 'this may/may not go okay,' coupled with team-wide communication, check-ins, and sharing was critical to making it work."

He also added that the company still comes across challenges since the majority of firms still work on Fridays or even during the weekend, so "some processes don't see the productivity benefits of a short week as much as others". Nevertheless, the team has shown patience and pragmatism in searching for solutions to these issues.

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Although not all of the companies see the advantages of the four-day working week, Cooney claims that he is satisfied with the outcome Armor Games has shown: "I'm extremely happy with the four-day workweek at Armor Games and how the team leaned into making it work (on top of everything else). We have cool people here who trusted us to try this experiment. It paid off."

A number of game developers have also switched to a four-day workweek model in recent years. For instance, Bugsnax studio Young Horses and Eidos' Montreal and Sherbrooke studios shortened work weeks in 2021, and Microsoft Japan adopted this model in 2019, seeing such outcomes as increased productivity and reducing paper and electricity consumption.

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