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Artist Uses AI to Turn Historical Figures' Pictures into Modern Images

Hidreley Diao also recreates cartoons and even statues in modern settings.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Have you ever wondered what the Statue of Liberty would look like as a modern woman? Wonder no more as Hidreley Diao has already made it a reality using AI.

Statue Of Liberty

The artist uses Artbreeder to generate images and FaceApp to finish them up. He says that the most time-consuming part is to find an image that resembles the historical figure. Each picture takes about 2 hours to make.

George Washington

Mona Lisa

William Shakespeare

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Diao says he was inspired by artists Bas Uterwijk and Nathan Shipley. 

Nathan Shipley's George Washington

Bas Uterwijk's George Washington

He especially likes how his George Washington, Vincent Van Gogh, and Napoleon Bonaparte turned out because he thinks the pictures "perfectly capture their soul."

Vincent Van Gogh

The artist works not only with paintings of historical figures but also with sculptures of mythical characters.



Paintings and statues are not Diao's only areas of expertise. He is also great at recreating cartoon characters.

Ned Flanders

Carl Fredricksen


Show White

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Comments 2

  • Anonymous user

    This is great work! It's crazy how far we have come.


    Anonymous user

    ·2 years ago·
  • Anonymous user

    impressive  and worrisome how AI models are trained on caucasian with blue eyes


    Anonymous user

    ·2 years ago·

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