C4D Cineware Plugin For Unity

A useful new tool for C4D and Unity users. 

Maxon has recently released a new integration plugin for Unity called Cineware. The tool lets users integrate Cinema 4D scenes into Unity including geometry, materials, lights, and cameras. You don't need a Cinema 4D license to import translated files into the editor. You just need to make sure that Cinema 4D scenes have been saved for Cineware.

The plugin supports the following: 

  • Geometry including Vertex Position, Normals, UV, Skinning Weight, Color, Skin and Binding Rig, Pose Morphs as Blend Shapes and Lightmap UV2 Generation on Import.
  • Materials including Albedo/Metal/Rough, Normal Map, Height Map, Emission and Occlusion Map.
  • The option of not reimporting materials, as imported materials are automatically reassigned to updated geometry.
  • Lighting including Spot, Directional, Point, Area Rectangle and Area Disc. Supported animated properties are Light Color, Light Intensity, Range, Spotlight Cone Angle and Area Size. Cameras including Field of View.

You can learn more and get the plugin for free here

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