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Fast Fluid Simulation with Sparse Volumes on the GPU

Check out a study by the University of Utah and NVIDIA.

The paper proposes a new approach to real-time fluid simulation that allows generating complex results in no time. The team discussed an approach for efficient, large-scale fluid simulation on GPU hardware "using the fluid-implicit particle (FLIP) method over a sparse hierarchy of grids represented in NVIDIAR GVDB Voxels."

"Our approach handles tens of millions of particles within a virtually unbounded simulation domain. We describe novel techniques for parallel sparse grid hierarchy construction and fast incremental updates on the GPU for moving particles. In addition, our FLIP technique introduces sparse, work efficient parallel data gathering from particle to voxel, and a matrix-free GPU-based conjugate gradient solver optimized for sparse grids," states the description.

Check out a quick breakdown from Two Minute Papers below: 

Basically, the team managed to set up a model that simulates much faster on the GPU compared to FLIP simulations running on the CPU. You can learn more, find the paper, and the team's code here

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