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FlippedNormals Black Friday Sale Is in Full Swing

You can still get a 50% discount for courses and assets.

The FlippedNormals Black Friday Sale is still blooming, offering a 50% discount on thousands of curated CG products until November 29. The deal covers high-quality tutorials, courses, 3D models, materials, brushes, tools for sculpting and texturing, and much more.

FlippedNormals provides world-class training for aspiring artists, take a look at some of its flagship products.

FlippedNormals Face Kit

This kit will help you create realistic skin in minutes, making the process of adding pores and skin details a pleasure. Almost 100 unique alpha maps provide great variation to make incredible faces. The Face Kit will make both young and old characters look good even up close. 

Flippednormals Eye Kit

Here is a tool to complete the Face Kit. Get instant, realistic eyes for all your characters and creatures. The kit provides you with instant, drag-and-drop, detailed eyes that work for both VFX and games and can be used for everything from extreme close-ups to distant shots. The FlippedNormals Eye Kit includes 6 iris colors and 2 sclera variations.

Introduction to Sculpting

If all of the above sounds complicated, you should try this course, where you'll learn how to sculpt. Introduction to Sculpting will give you the tools you need to become a great artist and teach you how to understand gestures, block out your sculpts, sculpt stylized characters, and much more. In the practical part of the tutorial, you will create a professional-level dwarf starting from a sphere in ZBrush.

Introduction to Sculpting in Blender

While similar to the previous course, this one will teach you how to sculpt in Blender. You’ll learn how to use different sculpting tools, such as dyntopo and remeshing, and understand sculpting techniques, like how to create appealing shapes and characters. At the end of the tutorial, you will sculpt Suzanne the Monkey from start to finish.

Introduction to XGen

Here, you’ll learn how to work with XGen and create your first grooms as well as avoid common mistakes in the software. You will also see the full process for creating a simple and professional groom from start to finish.

And if you’re looking to get a lot of bang for your buck, we highly recommend checking out some of these bundle deals:

Flippednormals Mega Kit

This bundle contains the best kits for making characters and includes world-class character VDM brushes, alpha maps, and eyes. It opens access to FlippedNormals Eye Kit, Skin Kit, Face Kit, and Creature Kit.

3D for Beginners – Ultimate Bundle

This deal provides you with all the essential knowledge you need to build a solid foundation as a 3D artist. You’ll learn to use all the required 3D packages you need to create stunning 3D art, using industry-standard workflow and techniques. It includes Introduction to Sculpting, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer.

Complete ZBrush Sculpting Bundle

The bundle contains some of FlippedNormals' most popular sculpting tutorials that will help you understand the human form, how to sculpt and how to work with ZBrush. It contains: Introduction to ZBrush, Sculpting the Facial Features in ZBrush, Sculpting a Realistic Female Face in ZBrush, Sculpting a Realistic Male Face in ZBrush, Concept Sculpting for Film and Games, Concept Sculpting an Orc Bust, and The Complete ZBrush to MODO Workflow.

Character Artist Survival Kit

The Kit provides you with all the essential resources you need to create stunning art. With a focus on characters and creatures, it will dramatically speed up your workflow. The pack includes FlippedNormals Skin Kit, Creature Kit, Eye Kit, Lighting Scenes, Studio HDRIs, and Fabrics.

If you’re interested in more great deals from FlippedNormals, check out our article here. Also, visit the site from November 21 to November 29 if you want to receive what it's offering at half price.

If you’re interested in more great deals from FlippedNormals, check out our article here. Also, visit the site from November 21 to November 29 if you want to receive what it's offering at half price.

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