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FlippedNormals Black Friday Sale Offers 50% Discounts

Thousands of high-quality courses and assets are on sale.

FlippedNormals has announced the Black Friday Sale, which means you can get numerous tutorials, courses, and curated CG products at half price from November 21 to November 29. The 50% discount covers thousands of products, including 3D models, materials, brushes, and tools for sculpting and texturing.

FlippedNormals creates high-quality training for aspiring artists, so today we’ll be taking a look at their top 5 courses for character artists. 

Advanced Character Creation With Ben Erdt

Learn how to make your own world-class character art in this tutorial series aimed at artists with an advanced skill level. Ben Erdt will teach you how to build advanced characters for game cinematics, analyze a concept sketch, sculpt your character in ZBrush, create materials in Substance 3D Painter, light and present your work, and more.

Realistic Character Portrait Masterclass

In this exclusive masterclass, you will find over 20 hours of expert training, where you’ll learn how to make a full character bust for production. By the end of this masterclass, you’ll know all the steps involved in creating your own high-quality characters using ZBrush, Substance 3D Painter and Blender. The course is recommended for intermediate and advanced artists.

Creating a Full Character in ZBrush

This 18-hour course will teach you how to create a Souls-like character in ZBrush. The entire process is shown with commentary. At its end, you will have the necessary tools to recreate and make your own bosses. The 24 videos cover anatomy, design philosophy, weapon creation, posing, texturing, and ZModeler.

Character Face Texturing in Substance Painter

Here, you’ll learn how to texture a character's face from scratch in Substance 3D Painter. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to texture your own characters, using simple and powerful techniques. The course is perfect for 3D artists with an intermediate understanding of Substance 3D Painter and Maya.

Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors

Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors is designed to teach anatomy to anyone who works with organic sculpture. You will learn a holistic approach to studying anatomy, look at the limitations of blindly copying work out of reference books and focus on a system to allow you to approach anatomy study in a way that has an immediate impact on your work. You will also see how to change the basic male physique to muscular, skinny, fat, and female as well as how the figure changes based on muscle and fat distribution.

Find more great materials on FlippedNormals with the discount until November 29.

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