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Meet Story3, a New Platform for Creators

Check out a new project that allows creators to explore storytelling beyond conventional boundaries.

Have a look at Story3, a new project supported by Xsolla that lets creators explore storytelling beyond conventional boundaries. The team envisions Story3 as a new era of storytelling freedom where the company provides a new creative ecosystem. The platform offers creators the unique ability to interact directly with their audience and earn a justifiable share of revenue for their work.

"Today, creators are struggling with insufficient compensation, leading to challenges like erratic income streams and career uncertainty," said Shurick Agapitov, Founder of Xsolla and acclaimed author of Once Upon Tomorrow. "Story3 is our bold response to these issues, offering creators a platform to negotiate better terms and achieve more stable and predictable earnings from their work."

In a world where there's a lot of digital content, it's getting difficult for creators to monetize their work. The team wants to use Story3 as a meticulously engineered platform to empower storytellers, journalists, and writers, facilitating effective monetization while deepening the connection with their audience.

Story 3 gives power back to the creators by redefining what engagement looks like through transparency and a hassle-free experience. Writers and readers of all levels can create an account and post their stories on the Story3 website. 

Here's what writers and readers can do with Story3:

  • Read. Progress the story by choosing free twists or use Orbs, a special virtual currency, to purchase paid twists.
  • Write. Compose and share your stories, each featuring intriguing twists for readers to select. Readers can use Orbs to access paid twists.
  • Engage. Shape your preferred stories by deciding what happens next or adding your own twists.
  • Share. Share your favorite stories with others. Earn money when your friends purchase twists in the stories you recommend. 
  • Repeat. Get paid fairly, receive payouts quickly, and continue sharing your imagination. 

Story3 is described as a collaborative space that makes storytelling a group effort, with writers and readers crafting worlds together while creating secure income streams.

"The current digital narrative landscape often overlooks the value of its creators. With Story3, the team is changing this narrative," said Chris Hewish, Interim CEO of Xsolla. "We're providing a platform where creators can directly engage with their audience and be rewarded fairly for their contributions, fostering a healthier, more vibrant future for digital storytelling,"

You start discovering the future of creative engagement with Story3 here. By joining the platform you can attract an active, engaged audience, seamlessly monetize your work, see your earnings in real time, and share your stories around the globe.

You might want to check out the visionary book "Once Upon Tomorrow" where author Shurick Agapitov discusses the transformative power of storytelling and the creators' role in shaping the future of digital interactions. Learn more here

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