NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang Playfully Suggests Jackie Chan as His Biopic Actor

Well, there is one condition: "I'll do my own stunts," says Huang.

Recently, Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, joined HP's The Moment with Ryan Patel series where he had a casual one-to-one interview, sharing some funny insights and revelations about the early days of NVIDIA and his thoughts on our readiness for a future where generative AI becomes a part of our daily lives.

Speaking about the possible biopic, which actually might be a real thing considering the pivotal role of NVIDIA in the tech industry, particularly with their groundbreaking advancements in machine learning, Huang jokingly said that Jackie Chan would be the best actor to play him in a movie. 

"Jackie Chan, he looks just like me," said Huang. "And you'd do your own stunts, right?" asked Patel. "I'll do my own stunts, yeah. I'll do all my own typing."

Image credit: HP/The Moment with Ryan Patel

During the interview, Huang also shared some amusing personal anecdotes. He humorously mentioned that he had no plans to get another tattoo of the company's logo and admitted that he was not familiar with any songs by Taylor Swift.

As for NVIDIA, the company has experienced huge success due to its production of chips utilized for AI applications. The rising demand for generative AI has propelled Nvidia's fortunes to new heights this year. In fact, NVIDIA reported remarkable financial results in its most recent fiscal quarter, boasting a record-breaking revenue of $13.51 billion. This figure surpassed expectations by 20%, as analysts had projected revenue of $11.22 billion. Additionally, the company's revenue achieved an extraordinary 101% increase compared to the previous year, as per the company's financial records.

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