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RizomUV 2022.1 Has Arrived

The update introduces Python 3 integration, better compatibility, UI upgrades, and workflow optimization.

RizomUV – a UV unwrapping solution – got a new update. Version 2022.1 offers multiple new features, from UI upgrades and workflow optimization to new improvements and tools.

One of the notable changes is Python 3 integration on all platforms. The language joins the LUA programming language used in previous versions.

RizomUV now also runs on Apple’s new ARM-based processors such as the powerful M1 chip. This brings support to the Big Sur OS and above using the silicon architecture. Speaking of compatibility, the Linux version of the software now embeds glibc in the AppImage installer and is compatible with a wider range of distributions including Centos 7.5.

Another change is RizomUV's capability for Planar Projections. UVs can now be projected along the world space XYZ directions or a custom plane can be defined based on the normal direction of a selection or from the viewport’s orientation.

Default settings can now be defined within preferences, which means that you don't have to set attributes such as Scene Units, Texel Density, and Scaling Mode every time you open the application. 

The Polygon Magic Wand has also been reworked: the selection angle can now be informed by the surface normals contained within the imported file. The Local Angle Visualisation threshold also has a new look, the viewport now displays colored edges to indicate the normal breaking angle, which makes the Magic Wand tool more intuitive.

Moreover, the 3D Viewport now displays a model with its embedded normals as opposed to the faceted surfaces displayed in previous versions of RizomUV. Objects are now viewed as the artist intended, with smooth sweeping surfaces alongside hard edges.

Other changes include:

  • Island Size histogram/select by size range.  
  • Scaling Seek Range visualizer, making the packing scaling behavior more understandable
  • Pinned vertex color can now be customized
  • Locked Shape mode for groups
  • Adaptive Shape mode is now the default for groups
  • Tile lock button
  • Selected polycount

RizomUV's indie pricing starts at a monthly €14.95 as does the rent-to-own license. Annual licenses are €149.00. Node-locked and Floating Pro licenses begin at €34.90.

Get the software here and don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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