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Room 8 Group’s R&D Unit Unveils REI, an Open Source Tool Enhancing Game Porting and Development

Room 8 Group’s Game Development team for PC & Console (Dragons Lake), has made its innovative Render Engine Infrastructure (REI) tool available as an open-source solution.

Initially developed to transform game porting, development, and preservation, REI is the result of work carried out by the Group’s industry-leading R&D team. The tool more easily facilitates the adaptation of games across various platforms. Making REI open source underscores Room 8 Group's dedication to making a positive impact in the game industry. 

"Our robust R&D unit exemplifies our commitment to innovation. We're not just investing in tools; we're investing in the future of game development. It's about continuously pushing boundaries to enhance our project workflows and deliver superior services to our clients. Our R&D efforts are a testament to our dedication to stay at the cutting edge of gaming," said Sergii Miroshnychenko, Head of PC & Console Game Development at Room 8 Group.

REI functions as a comprehensive graphics API, facilitating a unified rendering subsystem adaptable to various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile. It simplifies the porting of games, especially those developed on custom or proprietary engines, enhancing the overall player experience and compatibility with modern platforms. It also allows the enhancement of games by adding new features, improving the overall player experience, rectifying existing bugs, and introducing modern aspects such as compatibility with online stores and meeting console certification standards.

"A key strength of our product is its focus on game-centric development, where we serve game developers across various platforms. We ensure stability, quality, performance, and extensibility, which we achieve across a wide range of platforms with our broad rendering API. Additionally, the ease of integration and the ability to build robust architecture using our tool, particularly its capacity to facilitate access to low-level features, sets it apart from other products in the market." shared Alex Vasiliev, Head of Engineering at Dragons Lake by Room 8 Group.

REI will be pivotal for preserving classic games by majorly simplifying the porting and remastering process. The development team mentions that it's also highly effective for new games, particularly those developed on proprietary engines. This versatility allows developers to use REI for rendering in their current game projects. It ensures that whether you're working with an old favorite or creating something entirely new, REI can provide substantial benefits, improving the game's performance and compatibility across platforms. 

The part of the tool that supports Windows, Steam Deck, and Android has been released as open source. By making this part of REI freely available, the company aims to share its expertise, particularly with emerging game development teams. 

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