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Wave-Based Interactive System For Game Sound

Microsft has recently presented its unique sound system for games. 

The team presented their unique wave-based interactive system for the practical rendering of global sound propagation effects in games including diffraction. The system can be used in complex game and VR scenes and supports moving directional sources and listeners.

"Games and mixed reality must render a believable soundscape for the listener that situates characters and sounds within rich 3D worlds. Project Triton aids this task by physically modeling how sound propagates within a scene given its shape and materials," states the abstract. The system is said to automatically model immersive sound propagation effects like sound occlusion and reverberation. 

The team also noted that the system can be used for both desktop and mobile devices. "Incubated over a decade of focused research, it is battle-tested technology, shipping in major game titles like Gears of War, Sea of Thieves, and Borderlands 3," added Microsoft.

You can learn more here. 

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