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Working on a Project with Sculpting Brushes for Blender

Here is a superb set of custom brushes with damaged metal, rock, skin, scars, fabric, and fur textures.

Today we've gathered some awesome packages of brushes created by the developer VK GameDev. 

The pack includes 55 brushes with individual settings and a convenient preview for each brush. The developer notes that the product is designed for both beginners and professional artists and students to simplify sculpting. Brush packs are customized with custom textures, settings, and thumbnails, along with properly configured brushes stock to Blender.

This package includes 80 brushes with textures that have a resolution of 2048x2048 px. The brushes allow recreating photorealistic clothing with folds that will replicate the movements of your character. 

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The collection contains 34 hand-sculpted cuts and scars for both human-like characters and animals. The brushes can be used to show the damaged skin of the warrior or the sickness of the infected character. 

The pack has 31 brushes for recreating the fur of the animals or animal-like creatures. It includes both short and long fur versions so your character could be as detailed as you'd prefer. 

These 30 hand-painted brushes imitate the skin of reptiles. With the variety of custom textures, you can create your mythical or real pangolin in a realistic or sci-fi style. 

The latest asset includes 55 metal damage brushes, which can be used for creating characters' outfits and environments inspired by the Middle Ages as well as post-apocalyptic destroyed buildings and damaged equipment of characters. 

You may check out the full list of available brushes prepared by VK GameDev here

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