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Xsolla to Showcase Innovative Solutions at GDC 2023

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, is attending and presenting at GDC, the game industry’s premier professional event, from March 20 through March 24 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Xsolla is hosting five informative speaking sessions on Tuesday, March 21, including a keynote from President Chris Hewish. Xsolla will hold all their sessions in Room #2024 in Moscone West. Additionally, Xsolla is exhibiting at Booth S549 South Hall, starting on Wednesday, March 22, where attendees can meet with Xsolla experts and preview the latest products and solutions powered by Xsolla.

"We're excited to be back at GDC to continue sharing Xsolla's trending content," said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. "My experience at GDC has been engaging, as I get to talk to industry peers and professionals from around the world about the gaming industry's past, present, and future, which I find very compelling." 

Xsolla Cloud Gaming

Reaffirming its belief in the future of cloud technologies, Xsolla is powering its Cloud Gaming solution to help developers aggregate multiple technologies and streaming vendors with fewer steps and less time to help improve the speed to market for its partners. 

As the video game industry has grown over the past several years, so have the cloud-based technologies that help businesses operate. Xsolla plans to integrate the pre-built tools with local vendors and leverage the Xsolla global infrastructure to help create branded online experiences where players can play on any device. Xsolla believes that by bringing more games to the cloud, the integration costs and time to launch games will continue to decrease. 

With the launch of the Cloud Gaming solution, Xsolla will also help increase the availability of games to players around the globe and provide them with the ability to pay as they go for their gaming experiences. Players can now demo games online previously unavailable to them in their region and only pay for the time they played the game. Developers will gain crucial insights into user behavior and revenue projections to aid in future game builds and updates for their players. With the cloud experience, everyone can win and enjoy the game. 

To learn more about Xsolla Cloud Gaming, visit this page.

Xsolla and Mastercard Partnership

Mastercard and global video game commerce company Xsolla announced plans to collaborate on frictionless, secure, and rewarding payments for gamers — from enhanced checkout experiences using credit card loyalty points1 to simple in-game currency gifting to improved creator payout processes and more. The partnership will combine Mastercard's technology, network-level expertise, global scale, and trusted connections with Xsolla's platform to create customizable and more accessible payment experiences for players, developers, and creators.

Mobile devices have been fueling gaming growth among all demographics and regions, with nearly 3.2 billion people — nearly half the world's population — estimated to have played games in 2022. But the digital commerce experiences that fuel developers' innovation in gaming have not kept pace with the growth. More than 40% of consumers say they need help to buy in-game currency, and more than 30% say it takes too many steps to make online gaming purchases. Nearly 30% say the gifting process could be more efficient, according to Mastercard research.

Mastercard and Xsolla will work together to enable innovative card and account-based solutions and services to improve digital experiences in payments and beyond for gamers. To kickstart this game-changing partnership, for the first time, Mastercard cardholders will be able to use Pay with Points to seamlessly redeem their loyalty points for in-game purchases — this solution will be integrated into Xsolla's Pay Station product. Players will also have the opportunity to gift in-game currency to friends and family. The companies are partnering to solve challenges in the gaming industry and prioritize consumer protections, including using Mastercard’s authentication and fraud detection capabilities to give parents control before their child makes in-game purchases.

To learn more about Pay with Points, visit this page.

Xsolla Digital Distribution Hub for Carriers

The Digital Distribution Hub solution is a single portal for online and offline distribution channels and brands that create and distribute entertainment content for their users. With this solution, game developers can partner directly with telecommunications carriers to market, distribute and sell games and in-game goods through a single app or online portal and for their games to be included in carrier promotional bundles. Developers can provide games and content to be distributed and sold through the carrier's online store and webshop. 
Carriers can use Xsolla's unique network by offering exclusive content, entertainment experiences, and promotions to acquire new users through games currently on Xsolla. They can also retain existing customers by providing exclusive gaming perks, content, and upgrades to which competing carriers would not have access. 

Through the Digital Distribution Hub, carriers can provide a wider variety of entertainment, content, and games to a diverse consumer base. At the same time, consumers can use their favorite carrier apps or digital marketplaces to make gaming-related transactions along with their everyday purchases - all in one place with a few clicks. 

To learn more about Xsolla Digital Distribution Hub, visit this page.

If you want to learn more about Xsolla's powerful flagship commerce offerings that provide developers with a simple and customizable checkout experience, check out details about scheduled speaker sessions.


Tuesday, March 21 | 9:30 am - 10:30 am                                                          

Join long-time industry veteran and President of Xsolla, Chris Hewish, in a thought-provoking talk about recent industry performance and upcoming trends, based on proprietary and public data, as well as insights from partners and Xsolla’s extensive network of gaming professionals. Topics covered in this presentation will include new emerging markets, the impact of ongoing consolidation, how artificial intelligence impacts the workforce, the rise of user-generated content, the future of NFTs, and how evolving visions of the metaverse will shape the industry as we know it.


Tuesday, March 21 | 10:50 am - 11:50 am

What are your top challenges as a developer? User acquisition and incrementality? Marketing and contacting your player base can open up many opportunities to grow your game. Join Ron Scott, Regional Director, Americas, Xsolla, as he speaks with industry pros to learn how they succeeded by engaging directly with their customers.


Tuesday, March 21 | 1:20 pm - 2:20 pm

 Join Sam Gaglani, EVP of Global Business Development & Partnerships at Xsolla, as he speaks with industry experts and leaders who will build upon what they wish they had known and share their vision for the gaming industry in 2023.


Tuesday, March 21 | 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Let's delve into the new realities of a great game, from ideation to funding to launch and everything in between. Building a successful game business can be a challenge. It starts with a great game and team, followed by the necessary funding to make it a reality. But what comes next? What happens after you use those funds to create and launch your game? Join Justin Berenbaum, GM, Xsolla Funding Club, as he covers how to ensure your game succeeds and reaches its maximum potential.


Tuesday, March 21 | 3:50 pm - 4:20 pm

The gaming industry has always been focused on making the most exciting games possible, embracing the latest technologies, and encouraging gamers to play more. The payment experience in gaming should support these goals. With the rise of microtransactions, subscriptions, emerging digital assets, and more, payments in gaming are everywhere and growing.

In this fireside chat, Jen Premisler, SVP, Fintech Solutions at Mastercard and Berkley Egenes, CMO at Xsolla, will discuss the challenges gamers face with in-game payments and how next-generation payment technologies and loyalty solutions will make the experience seamless, secure, and rewarding.


Tuesday, March 21 | 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Join Mattel, Deconstructor of Fun, and Xsolla for a fun-filled game night on Tuesday, March 21! Enjoy Mattel classics like UNO, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, and many more. Play with fellow game enthusiasts, meet great people, and socialize early ahead of GDC! Doors open at 6.00 pm, with snacks and soft drinks to keep you powered up. Games wrap up at 8:30 pm. 

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For more information on how to attend speaking sessions and connect with Xsolla at GDC 2023, visit this page.

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