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Mindwalk Studios is a leading digital art and animation studio with a strong presence in China, boasting locations in Beijing, Yanjiao, and Qingdao, that is all about providing exceptionally integrated creative services. With years of experience under their belts, the team knows how to create assets that work seamlessly with your technologies, tools, and workflows.


What really sets the stuidio apart is their “high touch” approach, thanks to their lean and agile organization that enables senior management to be more involved in serving our clients’ needs. The team is passionate about going the extra mile and maintaining clear communication, transparency, and personalized service, because they believe that their partners deserve nothing but the best!


In addition to providing the utmost in care, communication, and production quality, a key differentiator is Mindwalk’s ability to deliver assets in game – whether it be on “off the shelf” or proprietary engines. The team has a proven ability to integrate a client’s proprietary engine or extensions into Mindwalk’s local infrastructure in an efficient, yet secure fashion. Mindwalk is able to take integration off your plate so that clients can focus their energy on other things.

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Mindwalk's Services


When it comes to creating immersive and engaging games, characters play a pivotal role in driving the storyline and captivating players. This is where Mindwalk steps in with its range of character creation services, covering everything from full humanoid characters and creatures to clothing and statuary.


But creating a compelling character isn’t just about aesthetics. It involves several stages, including low poly modeling, high-resolution sculpting, and texturing in a variety of styles. Mindwalk’s expert team understands this pipeline inside and out, and works tirelessly to create characters that breathe life into game worlds.

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Environments and Props


The Mindwalk team understands that creating immersive game environments is key to keeping players hooked from start to finish. That’s why they offer a range of environment art creation services, from modeling and texturing individual props to building entire game worlds in-engine, complete with collision, shaders, and tagging.


Environments are like characters in their own right – they set the tone for the game and add an extra layer of depth to the storyline. That’s why Mindwalk's expert team takes environment art creation seriously, using their skills and expertise to create visually stunning and highly functional environments that transport players to another world.

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Animation and Rigging

Mindwalk offers a broad range of animation services, including motion capture clean-up, hand-keyed animation for characters and props, and rigging and weighting services to ensure that everything moves naturally and believably.


Animation breathes life into your game and is an extension of your storytelling. Mindwalk understands this, and they create animations that not only function well but also fit the game’s artistic direction, making them more immersive and engaging for players.

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