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The Largest Brazilian Co-Development Company

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Known for its work on Horizon Forbidden West and Burning Shores, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Horizon Zero Dawn, the Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise, Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience, Netflix Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall, and Samsung Space Tycoon, among others. The team's experience comes from working on a diverse list of AAA projects and among their clients you will find companies such as Activision, Guerrilla Games, Electronic Arts, Tencent, CI Games, Treyarch, WB Games, Paradox, Roblox, etc.

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  • Art Production

The experts bring a unique blend of technical expertise, creative flair, and forward-thinking spirit that will give a solution to any challenge the partner may haveIf there is a set process for creating assets, like characters, structures, props, and weapons, the team will follow a step-by-step approach to ensure the quality and timely delivery of your assets.


  • Co-Development

An extension of your development team creating a scalable solution for game development. Multiple lines of communication and interactions where your leads have direct contact with their counterparts on the team. This allows for better synergy with a cross-discipline team ready to support or take on specific modules of a game/app developing alongside the clients with full integration into the engine.


  • Full Development

A multi-disciplined team with strong capabilities that span from game design to level design, concept art to final 3D art, gameplay programming to engine optimization. These capacities along with the studio's experience in building games allow them to provide FULL development capabilities on new IPs, licensed IPs, or sequel products for multiple platforms

  • Central Development and Porting

An elite team focused on research, definition of pipeline and guidelines, development, optimization, and maintenance of live products with a focus on technical excellence and quality control independent of the tool. With extensive experience in platforms such as Consoles/PC, Mobile, and tools such as Unreal, Unity3D, CryEngine, and others, they're responsible for increasing the overall productivity of all studios. The team delivers the full functionality, wherever your customer wants to play.


  • Metaverse for New Generation of Platforms

The team offers Creation, Development, and Live Ops for Roblox and Fortnite. The team, with AAA quality, is the best partner for a metaverse experience to a new generation of fans and platforms, with proven authority.

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