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Nord Beaver is a professional team that offers the development of multi-platform games based on HTML5 technology from idea to delivery.

Nord Beaver set an ambitious goal to make HTML5 games a significant part of the game industry. The main advantage of HTML5 is its versatility. HTML5 Games can be launched in any browser of any device, both mobile and desktop, and from almost any environment that supports Web View. Their experience in game development and a deep focus on customer service allows them to solve the most outstanding business problems brilliantly.

Nord Beaver provides a wide and up-to-date range of services for the development of games on HTML5.



HTML5 technology allows them to deliver cross-platform and scalable multiplayer projects. For example, they can develop a game similar to Among Us, using cloud solutions.


Remaster (porting)

Their first projects in HTML5 were related specifically to the remaster of games on Flash. Therefore, they know how to give a second life to any released game on Flash, Unity or other technology by rebuilding the logic on HTML5 and adapting the game art.


Adaptation and delivery

They will help you integrate with various platforms (social networks, messengers, HTML5 stores) or implement a stand-alone game launch. They will connect the API, adapt the application to the requirements for the initial weight or the absence of WebGL in the graphics rendering, which will allow the game to expand the audience.


2D boned animation and art

With no doubt, technology is an important component of games. But Nord Beaver's expertise is much broader than just development. Nord Beaver’s Art team also has something to offer to their clients - skills in creating skeletal animations Spine or Dragon Bones and visual effects in Adobe After Effect and Adobe Animate is a matter of their special pride.

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