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80 Level RFP is the new premium job matching service for digital creative talent. Sign up today and see what develops.

Our aim is to provide creative teams access to a continuously growing pool of employment-ready artists, animators, designers and other industry professionals worldwide.

Say goodbye
to the traditional job-posting-based hiring process

We allow companies to search a verified collection of the creme de la creme artists who are looking for more from their next opportunity or assignment.

Recruiters bypass all the back and forth by sending a questionnaire to select candidates with important hiring questions about skills, technical proficiencies, compensation, benefits, relocation, and more.

Artist profile with sample questions

Now you can move quickly through the uncomfortable questions and go straight into the interview with key decision makers.

Key Features

Growing Database
Continuously growing global collection of top-tier talent
Searchable Profiles
Invited artist can publish their best work
Custom Questionnaires
Use our built-in RFP template or create your own
Every user respects artist and company privacy

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