Guide: Sci-Fi Stair Generator in Houdini

Another detailed guide from SideFX and Simon Verstraete.

The tutorial will show you how to create a procedural staircase asset for sci-fi levels in Unity. You will begin by modeling the geometry using procedural techniques to determine the length, width, and height of the asset. The whole stair will be driven by a single line and the treads, base and railings will match accordingly. You can also bend the stair while keeping all of the parts of the network procedural.

Then you need to add a handrail and set up the node networks as a Houdini Digital Asset for Unity (via the Houdini Engine plug-in).

The developer also discussed setting up UVs that work with a pre-built Trim Sheet. Finally, you can use the asset in a game level and customize geometry, collisions, and textures.

Please note that these lessons use SideFX Labs tools. Make sure to install them. You can get more details here

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