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3D Metasites by 80.lv Community: Elven Catacombs

Check out a new experience added to the 80 Level's cloud streaming service.

This week, we would like to highlight this amazing experience by talented Senior 3D Environment Artist, Artem Ostapchuk. Explore and wonder at the enchanting depths of these mystical catacombs!

Elven Catacombs

Created by Artem Ostapchuk.

Elven Catacombs was inspired by the artist's aspiration to enhance his expertise in sculpting and lighting, diverging from his usual focus on sci-fi themes. Drawing inspiration from Tolkien's rich fantasy realm, reminiscent of the landscapes featured in games like Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, the project aimed to refine skills in lighting, sculpting, and material creation.

Encountering a captivating concept by George Rushing during the quest for references solidified the decision to embark on this venture. The pursuit proved both engaging and rewarding, providing an opportunity to refine artistic abilities within a dark and enigmatic fantasy setting.

"Starting this project gave me a great excuse to immerse myself in Shadow of War, utilizing its photo mode extensively to gather references. I also re-watched the entire Lord of the Rings movie series and delved into Middle-earth lore to deeply understand the setting and specific environment. The game's version of this environment was different from the concept, so I focused on staying true to the original artwork. For material references, I purchased a gothic ruins reference pack and used photos from my previous travels.", stated the artist.

When players enter this experience, they can observe the significant changes in scale and perception of such an environment when experienced in first person, allowing them to explore and wander through the mysterious catacombs.

When translating concepts into 3D, achieving exact replication is nearly impossible. Concepts provide a scene's atmosphere but don’t require exact precision. Elements might be kitbashed, copy-pasted, or partially obscured. The role of an environment artist is to creatively fill in these gaps. This scene was no exception, with minor deviations from the concept that were non-critical. Additionally, the lighting was adjusted to resemble the mood of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. To match the scene with the concept art, creator measured the distance between the objects and their proportions using the main character in the concept as a reference scale. Fortunately, the main character in the concept helped determine object sizes and distances between them.

For this environment, Blender was utilized for blockout and meshes, while Zbrush served for sculpting. Baking textures was carried out using Marmoset Toolbag, while Substance Designer and Painter were employed for materials. Finally, Photoshop was utilized for presentation purposes.

These 3D Metasites are just a glimpse of the incredible content available on the 3D Metasites by 80 Level community platform. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your work or an enthusiast seeking unique digital adventures, our platform offers a diverse range of interactive worlds to explore.

Stay tuned for new 3D Metasites and keep sending us incredible experiences. Feel free to reach out with questions: cloud-experiences@80.lv

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