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3D Metasites by 80.lv Community: Sewer System

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This week, we would like to highlight this intriguing experience by talented Lead 3D Technical Artist, Mark Kirillov. Explore Unreal Engine 5 Lumen and Nanite technologies with advanced Environment Material Blending system!

Sewer System

Created by Mark Kirillov.

The Sewer System draws inspiration from Jordan Grimmer's Sewer System concept art. Similar to any 3D artwork, the process begins with multiple iterations of a blockout, aiming to visualize the scene's appearance and establish dimensions crucial for later texture mapping, notably affecting Texel density. It's important to verify proportions with the Human Dimensions model set at approximately 1.8 meters in height.

After establishing the base shapes and ensuring their satisfactory appearance, they proceeded to a second round of Blockout, adding more intricate details and smaller elements. This approach aimed to enhance the clarity of the shapes' complexity and readability within the scene. The objective was to achieve a balanced level of complexity, providing areas where the eye could rest while still capturing various little to medium details in different spots throughout the scene.

For Modeling and UV mapping, Blender was employed. The utilization of Nanite and Tileable Textures negated the necessity for a High Poly/Low Poly pipeline. Instead, a Mid Poly pipeline was adopted, incorporating bevels, a moderate level of topology, and a touch of Sculpting in ZBrush to enhance details within the concrete elements.

Texturing was executed in Substance Painter, deviating from the conventional Unique Textures Pipeline. Instead, Color Masks were employed to texture all assets within the scene. Each channel of the Mask (R, G, B, A) contains grayscale information utilized later in Unreal Engine to assign various tileable textures.

“In Unreal Engine, I crafted a Layered Master Material capable of assigning various Tileable Textures to Masks in the RGBA Channels. Additionally, I incorporated cost-effective Dirt effects, manipulating solely Color and Roughness data to minimize performance impact. Enabling Debug allows visibility into the assignment of Mask Colors. The accompanying image illustrates the simplicity of the Lighting Setup. Lumen performs admirably in scattering light throughout the scene", stated the artist.

To generate the final image, the artist used the Unreal Engine Render Queue tool, which facilitates the rendering of high-quality videos and images, offering robust antialiasing and various image enhancements. Following this, a slight cleanup and post-processing using any image editing software could provide a nicely contrasted and polished image. Additionally, to enhance the scene's believability, water, decals, and additional dressing assets like tires and other rubble were included, drawing from content created for previous artworks.

These 3D Metasites are just a glimpse of the incredible content available on the 3D Metasites by 80 Level community platform. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your work or an enthusiast seeking unique digital adventures, our platform offers a diverse range of interactive worlds to explore.

Stay tuned for new 3D Metasites and keep sending us incredible experiences.

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