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80 Level Ratings: Best YouTube Channels With Unreal Engine Tutorials

You asked and we delivered: here is a compilation of YouTube channels on Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5. 

Even though Unreal Engine might seem like a puzzle only advanced users will be able to solve, it is not that complicated once you get comfortable with its basic functions and the results it can help you achieve are without a doubt totally worth it. So whether you are a game developer, a 3D artist, or a cinematographer, you will find a channel worth checking out on this list.

1) Unreal Engine

Once again, there is no better way to learn everything about an app than by watching the developer's tutorials on it. Unreal Engine's official YouTube channel is a great source of studying material though it is not quite beginner-friendly. You need to have some basic understanding of Unreal Engine's tools to follow the tutorials. The best things about Unreal Engine's channel are that a) it has diverse content which includes tutorials, presentations, webinars, new feature breakdowns, etc., b) there are lots of insanely talented creators who share their knowledge on working in Unreal Engine (including Epic Games' Principal Technical Artist Ryan Brucks, Paulo Souza, Martina Santoro, and many others).

2) Unreal Sensei

Zach Unreal Sensei is a California-based creator who makes tutorials on Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Zach's beginner tutorials are designed specifically for those who have zero knowledge about how the software works and how to use it. The absolute beginner lessons are 4 hours long (well no one said it would be easy) but by the end of those, you will be familiar with materials, lighting, reflections, rendering in UE and will be able to create a photorealistic landscape. Apart from the beginner-friendly introductory lectures, Zach has great UE4 and UE5 tutorials for advanced users.

3) DevAddict

DevAddict is a video game developer who makes Unreal Engine tutorials... for game developers, there's no element of surprise here. Most of the lessons are not for the absolute beginners and they are primarily for those who are interested in designing games or creating powerful dynamic visuals (though there are a few videos artists may find useful, like the one explaining the difference between Dynamic Lighting and Baked Lighting in UE4). DevAddict has some detailed newbie-friendly tutorials that are easy to understand and follow even "if it's your first time ever opening up UE4." Overall, you can find lots of lessons on UE4 and UE5 ranging from creating the camera shake effect to designing a multiplayer game in Unreal Engine. 

4) Smart Poly

Whether you are just getting started and are feeling a bit confused about Unreal Engine's workspace or you are a skilled user looking to expand your knowledge of the software, you can find lots of useful UE4 and UE5 tutorials on Smart Poly's channel. You can learn how to create open-world maps and photorealistic landscapes, recreate Among Us using Unreal Engine, and more. Smart Poly also has some great tutorials explaining how to design characters in Unreal Engine and create organic, believable movements for them. Just like DevAddict's channel, this one is a great choice for those who are interested in developing games using Unreal Engine.

5) Cinematography Database

Matt Workman is a cinematographer who has amazing detailed in-depth tutorials on creating breathtaking visuals inside Unreal Engine. If you are an artist looking for tips on how to make stunning cinematic shots, this is the right channel for you. Matt has an entire series of video lessons called "Unreal Engine for Filmmakers" that will teach you how to build environments from scratch starting from creating your terrain to filling the scene with assets to adjusting lights, shadows, and colors. Though Matt explains how every scene is created in detail and goes over every step of the process, these tutorials could be a little too much to handle if you are not familiar with Unreal Engine at all.

6) Underscore

Bev, the creator of the Underscore channel, is an Australian artist and game developer. If you want to use Unreal Engine to create games, you will find loads of useful information on this channel. Bev recreates cool effects from popular video games (Fortnite, Skyrim, PUBG, etc.) using UE4 and explains how to use various tools and functions in the app (including materials, brushes, occlusion masking, and others). Even if you came here for the sake of 3D art and not to create games you will find some tutorials that will help you better understand UE4 workflows. You can learn how to create realistic landscapes, simulate cloth, and use PBR materials inside Unreal Engine. 

7) William Faucher

Glad you scrolled all the way to the end because here we have tutorials from a VFX/CGI artist who's been in the entertainment industry for 11 years. William worked on VFX and CGI for Marvel's Black Panther and HBO's Watchmen. If you want to know how to create Oscar-worthy shots that can blow anyone's mind, check out William's tutorials. Almost all of the video lessons are quick and straight to the point and can teach you how to use Unreal Engine's most powerful tools to design cinematic scenes. You can find the information on rendering, lighting, UDIMs, and other important things inside UE4. Basic knowledge of the software is highly recommended because the tutorials do not cover the absolute ABCs of Unreal Engine.

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Comments 3

  • Anonymous user

    Leaving out PrismaticaDev seems like a great omission to this list. Such great and diverse content.

    Also for folks leaving blueprints, Matthew Weinstein's WTF series is a must


    Anonymous user

    ·2 years ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Any suggestions for using Unreal for broadcast - sports AR, weather channel visualization, etc? I work in broadcast using C4D and Redshift but would like to start making the transition to Unreal, there just doesn't seem like much guidance in that field atm. Thanks!


    Anonymous user

    ·2 years ago·
  • Anonymous user

    I really get a lot out of Virtus and Ryan Lahey.  Also you can't have this list without Matthew Wadstein.  His videos are outstanding if you need a quick crash course on specific Blueprint nodes.


    Anonymous user

    ·2 years ago·

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