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A Course on 3D Characters for Real-Time Production

Check out this in-depth course that will push your character creation skills to a whole new level.

WingFox announced a new course for Character Artists that covers different aspects of 3D character creation. The course is led by Hooman Raad, a 3D Character Artist with experience in many fields in CG and 6 years of fieldwork behind the back. Hooman will be your mentor and teach you all the stages of character creation – from working with concept arts to presentation.

"We’ve prepared a complex and complete character for you, and we are about to work on an exciting project together. We start with a simple base mesh to blocking out our model and learn that how we can make the first pieces and forms for our model. It’s an important step since it will affect the overall and final look of the model. After that, we will show you the methods to turn the blocking out to a high poly model in ZBrush as fast as we can with a comparable quality! We try to find our mistakes and how to fix them. Then we will work on the head we will learn that how we can add efficient details which lead us to a good result," reads the course description on WingFox.

The course follows a weekly plan, and each week you will learn something new and exciting about character creation.

The lessons are as follows:

  1. How to read a concept/Blocking out
  2. Highpoly modeling method/Highpoly hand
  3. Highpoly modeling body/Adding detail
  4. Highpoly modeling body/Adding small objects / Head highpoly model
  5. Introduction to 3DCoat retopology/Retopology Body
  6. Finishing retopo body/Working on hand
  7. Retopo props/Cleaning and finishing the final low mesh
  8. UV mapping/Baking Maps
  9. Texturing Substance Painter
  10. Texturing new fabric/Head and eyes Texturing, Material set up
  11. Hair texturing/Modelling
  12. Finishing the Hair/Cleaning the project/Presentation

This course is an advanced tutorial, which requires basic practical capabilities for related software, which includes a proficient operation for ZBrush, basic for Houdini, basic for Photoshop, basic for PureRef, and basic for Marvelous Designer.

Be sure to check out the course as it will help aspiring Character Artists to get better. Plus, the first 10 learners choosing full payment can enjoy a $50 discount. Also, don't forget to join our new Telegram channel, our Discord, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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