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A Free-To-Play Multiplayer Supernatural Survival Game Launches Beta

Once Human will give you a chance to fight monstrous enemies in a post-apocalyptic future.

Once Human, developed by Starry Studio, is a free-to-play multiplayer supernatural survival game, where you need to take on the role of soldiers, Metas, and protect the world, or it's better to say what's left from it, the last remaining pockets of humanity, from an extra-terrestrial substance known as Stardust that caused the planet to transform, turning living creatures into terrifying monsters called Aberrants, which possess supernatural abilities. Also, the players will need to uncover the secrets behind the Stardust pollution to find a way to stop it once and for all.

Image credit: Starry Studio, Once Human

Image credit: Starry Studio, Once Human

Players also can gather resources, hunt, fish, and build outposts to help soldiers to survive. Beyond just battling in the same areas over and over again, players can use an RV to explore the eerie open world. The RV can also be equipped with upgrades, effectively turning it into a moving base that combines combat and survival. This allows players to move in and out of danger, providing them with some much-needed rest.

Image credit: Starry Studio, Once Human

Once Human's world is constantly expanding with each beta test, offering players a glimpse into the secrets hidden within the game's empty homes and abandoned military bases. The struggle to survive both the Aberrant hordes and the threat of diminishing supplies seems to be quite an experience.

Image credit: Starry Studio, Once Human

Image credit: Starry Studio, Once Human

The next PC Beta Test for Once Human is scheduled to start on December 6 at 9 pm ET. As for now, you can pre-load the game from the official website. In this beta test, players will have an opportunity to delve into multiple game features ahead of its official launch in 2024. These features include captivating elements such as open-world exploration, weapon crafting, base building, PvE combat, PvP battles, and much more.

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