A Huge Bundle of Low-Poly Assets

Synty Studios announced immerse discounts for its latest POLYGON bundle, which includes low-poly, high-style 3D characters, environments, and props.

Synty Studios is a Unity and Unreal 3D asset publisher producing stylized 3D art packs for game developers. The team announced a massive sale on the Humble Bundle platform. You may choose the preferred bundle among the 3 tiers with 3 asset packs for 1 USD, 11 packs for 23.62 USD, and 20 asset collections for 25 USD. Below we'll have a look at what is included in the bundles.

The first tier includes three 3D game assets packs with detailed low-poly assets for Unity and Unreal. You may get the bundle for 1 USD

The pack contains over 325 western frontier-themed assets, including buildings, props, and environment materials. The developers mention that this pack is perfect for creating immersive western games. 

A low-poly Prototype asset pack of props, icons, characters, static character poses and environment assets to create a Prototype or Grey box for your next game. You may take design decisions with your team using the included notes and markers. Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations. 

This pack includes various cartoon-style city assets with clean and simple designs for creating casual and fan city-based games. 

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The second tier includes the assets from the first tier and six additional packs.

A low-poly asset pack of characters, props, weapons, vehicles, and environment assets to create a polygonal-style game.

The package includes over 750 unique assets (weapons, vehicles, characters, and environment materials). The pack can help to develop an immersive fantasy or RPG-based game. 

This Map pack expands the Dungeons universe with new rooms and areas. Designed using POLYGON - Dungeons Pack as a base, this pack also comes with new assets specifically designed for the new areas.

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The pack contains 122 prop prefabs, 165 icon assets (including alphabet characters), and 184 items (briefcases, handbags, shopping bags, cellphones, tablets, dumbbells, spades, cigars, smoking pipes, cigarettes, binoculars, pill bottles, blood bags, etc.). 

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A simple asset pack of shop interior assets to add to the existing simple assets. 

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A simple asset pack of characters to create a cube-style game: 12 characters (barista, boxer, daredevil, disco guy, diver, hipster, Mexican gangster, rapper, reporter, stripper man, stripper woman, and surfer), and 16 animations (idle, walking, running, wave, check watch, wipe mouth, standing jump, running jump, falling, leaning against the wall, smoking, sitting on the ground, etc.).

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The third tier includes all the 9 packages described above and 11 more asset packs: Nature pack, War pack, Simple Apocalypse Interiors, etc. The price of the entire bundle without discount is 746 USD, now the team offers the complete collection for 25 USD

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