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A New Free Tool For Creating Stylized Cities in Godot

The tool was developed by Kenney using Godot's GridMap component.

Developer and renowned Asset Creator Kenney has shipped Starter Kit City Builder, a brand-new tool for setting up and customizing stylized 3D cities in Godot.

Created with the help of the engine's GridMap node, the tool includes a basic template for a 3D city builder in Godot 4.1. It lets you add a variety of non-photorealistic objects, including roads, trees, and various types of buildings, enabling the user to quickly and easily create cartoony cities and towns. Moreover, the tool is MIT-licensed and is available for free, even for commercial projects.


  • Building and removing structures
  • Smooth camera controls
  • Dynamic MeshLibrary creation
  • Saving/loading
  • Sprites and 3D Models (CC0 licensed)

And here are some of the earlier demos for Starter Kit City Builder shared by the author, you can learn more and download the tool via Kenney's GitHub:

For those unaware, Godot's GridMap node lets you place meshes on a grid interactively. It works both from the editor and from scripts, which can help you create in-game level editors. GridMaps use a MeshLibrary, which contains a list of tiles. Each tile is a mesh with materials plus optional collision and navigation shapes.

A GridMap contains a collection of cells. Each grid cell refers to a tile in the MeshLibrary. All cells in the map have the same dimensions. Internally, a GridMap is split into a sparse collection of octants for efficient rendering and physics processing. Every octant has the same dimensions and can contain several cells.

Here are some great tutorials that will help you learn more about GridMap:

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