A New RPG with Trading and Cats Got Viral on TikTok

TikTok users got obsessed with a new "dabloon" game.

Role-playing games have always been quite popular – whether it's children's play, a tabletop game, or a role-playing video game. And now RPGs apparently moved to one more medium – TikTok.

Over the last month, TikTok users got obsessed with a new trend called "dabloons" which is basically an RPG game where users collect fictional currency and exchange it for imaginary items including food, weaponry, or items that grant players specific skills. 

As stated by TikTok user Sweezy, they were an original dabloons trend maker having posted a slideshow that offered a hungry traveler a hamburger in exchange for "4 dabloons". The last image on the slideshow shows a meme that originated back in 2021 on Instagram which involved a kitten's paw held out in the full stretch, with the caption "4 dabloons".

Dabloons have since become viral – the dedicated hashtag currently has over 800 million views – with users starting to post videos where various characters (mostly cats) either hand you dabloons or greet you with the phrase "hello traveler" and then proceed to show you their inventory of items that you can "purchase" for the currency you already have. To collect dabloons or buy an item you just need to come across such a video on TikTok.

The game has not only gotten its own economy but also its own world where you can not only trade but also get robbed or face dabloon launderers and counterfeiters.

There are no common rules or a dabloon tracking system so basically, anyone can just say, "I have 10 million dabloons", for instance, but it doesn't stop the dabloons videos from being trending as people are seemingly just having fun playing this game.

However, some users have already started keeping track of their own dabloons and items – some simply use paper character sheets or the Notes app, while other enterprising players create entire dabloon accountancy spreadsheets.

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