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Cesium for Open 3D Engine Released

Cesium for O3DE offers global 3D data and geospatial technology for O3DE, the open-source real-time 3D engine.

The earth from space created with Cesium for O3DE.

Cesium announced its first stable release of Cesium for O3DE, which will enable 3D geospatial capabilities and 3D Tiles streaming for Open 3D Engine.

"Having integrated 3D geospatial capabilities and data into the Open 3D Engine creates new opportunities for everyone to build more immersive experiences, enriching the project even further," said Royal O’Brien, GM of Digital Media and Games, Linux Foundation, and O3DE.

Screenshot of the Las Vegas Strip created with Cesium for O3DE. Las Vegas, NV, USA Data provided by Aerometrex.

Open 3D Engine has recently received its own first stable release, introducing Linux support, a binary installer, and a new terrain system to Amazon's Lumberyard-based open-source 3D development engine.

Cesium for O3DE enables:

  • A full-scale, high-accuracy WGS84 globe for O3DE, allowing developers to create global simulations and experiences.
  • A runtime 3D Tiles engine to stream 3D geospatial datasets, including global terrain, imagery, 3D cities, and photogrammetry, from the cloud, a private network, or the local machine.
  • Integrated with O3DE Script Canvas, O3DE’s visual scripting environment, including support for double precision math APIs for precision.
  • Integration with Cesium ion cloud services for access to curated 3D geospatial content and 3D tiling pipelines for your data. As part of Cesium ion, users get access to global terrain, imagery, buildings, and photogrammetry datasets.

Following the release of Cesium for Unreal, Cesium for O3DE is the second runtime engine integration of Cesium Native, a single, engine-agnostic, reusable layer for 3D Tiles and 3D geospatial use cases in the metaverse.

Using Cesium Native will make all features of Cesium for Unreal reusable for O3DE, including support for 3D Tiles Next, physics, collisions, and characters.

"We look forward to enabling Cesium and 3D Tiles in even more game engines as we continue working to build an open metaverse," said Shehzan Mohammed, Director of 3D Engineering & Ecosystems at Cesium.

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