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CGCup: Master Classes for Concept Artists

A few master classes for concept artists to upgrade basic skills, learn more about environment and character concept art, and to find out tricks on working with perspectives. 

Traditional Sculpting Techniques For Concept Artists

Check out a course on sculpting techniques with over 5 hours of content with Erik Staub, sculptor, illustrator, and animator. The course includes full work discussion, ways to implement techniques from a classic approach, and 6-hour work progress in time-lapse. 

Creating Environments: A Sci-Fi Take on the Maya

Learn the insights into creating environment concept art with Leon Tukker.

Find out more about Leon’s workflow while he’s creating the Mayan civilization using Photoshop, VR, 3D art software, and a graphics engine. During the production process, you’ll also learn more about displacement maps, motion graphics, volume modeling, and textures. 

Creating Fantasy Characters — From Ideation to Final Artwork

Dive into the character’s production with Even Amundsen. 

On the course, you’ll learn: 

  • Where to look for an idea
  • How to select references
  • How to structure the work process
  • How to add stylizations

Tips and Tricks for Perspective in Concept Art

Robert Laszlo Kiss will share his tips and tricks for working on the perspective in concept art.  Get to know the way Robert starts working on the new project by analyzing the idea, creates sketches, and finishes the piece. 

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Comments 3

  • A Adam

    Took Leon`s MC and got inspired as hell!  I am still working on the 10th iteration of  my Sci-Fi concept and rewatching MC  every time . Somebody stop me pls)


    A Adam

    ·3 years ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Great Master Classes, a lot of great content! Got few of them as Christmas gifts, best quarantine holidays ever) Considering to take a challenge and upload some randomized concepts myself!  


    Anonymous user

    ·3 years ago·
  • Anonymous user



    Anonymous user

    ·3 years ago·

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