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Check Out This Layer-Based Blender Compositing Tool

Similar to image editing software, BlendShop lets you use layers for compositing and color grading.

Just like image editing software, BlendShop allows you to efficiently work with layers, preview them, and edit as you like, adjust colors, brightness, add effects, all within Blender.

Easily manage layers with BlendShop's Compositing node editor, which allows you to easily create, copy, duplicate, delete, and move all layers and composite and grade as you like with an intuitive interface.

The add-on also enables you to freely tweak layer blending modes and transparency. Import any images and adjust blending modes to achieve various amazing effects:

Achieved a satisfying effect? No need from scratch every time anymore, as you can reuse your setup in future projects by saving and exporting presets.

Kindly note, that BlendShop is compatible with Blender 4.0 and above and is highly recommended for use with versions 4.1 or 4.2.

Sadly, this add-on can't avoid limitations. Some known bugs are: pre-4.2, Glare may differ between viewport and render or Image layer positions may vary in 3D View.

You can download a free trial version of BlenderShop or purchase it at Blender Market for $17.75 with future updates included. 

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