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Check Out This Non-Destructive Procedural Topology Deformer For C4D

Topoformer is a groundbreaking deformer tool that alters the topology of your object based on several predefined algorithms while keeping the original geometry shape intact, featuring multiple options to tweak the way each style behaves during the procedural state.

Topoformer aka Topology Deformer allows to alter objects in a non-destructive way, empowering you to easily design endless variations of your topology procedurally inside Cinema 4D with over 15 built-in algorithms based on popular looks from well-known artists in addition to multiple customization options.

This plug-in can be used with MoExtrude to give depth to your mesh. Drag and drop your MoExtrude deformer into the input field to create extrusions and use effectors and fields within the MoExtrude to gain more control over how the extrusions are handled.

By utilizing the Colorizer and Mograph Color Shader, you can color the extruded fragments of your topology with gradients individually:

Image Credits: Topoformer

Image Credits: Topoformer

To refine details and achieve full artistic control over the final model looks, use the Pen tool to draw where you want your topology to be affected.

Topoformer 2.0 introduces new features to the extension, including real-time preview, faster feedback, improved topologies, and Topology Switch and Randomize Topology buttons.

The tool is compatible with Cinema 4D R23-2024 and is available on Gumroad for $129.99.

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